Posted by: Draddog | February 6, 2012

Review: Star Wars Droid Escape (#9490)

20120205-163811.jpgI originally passed on this set, but was exposed to it at the February LEGO User Group meeting. I was attracted more to the mini-figures than the model. Sam and I built this small set in about 10 minutes. For $20, the set had some neat build to it, though I have some reservations (as found below).

Co-build rating: 4.5/5
This type of set is close to as perfect you can get for a co-build. The set comes in two numbered bags. The first bag builds the minifigures and the Stormtrooper bike, while the second bag builds the escape pod.

I was able to hand the first bag over to Sam, while I went to work on the second bag. Having an online set of instructions meant I did not even have to pull the book apart.

The only reason that it’s not a 5 star is the first bag build. It’s short – the bike doesn’t take much to build compared to the pod. Sam even took some time to beep R2-D2 around our build space but she was done well before I was. Sam struggled a little with them, and one step with the bike, but otherwise she got it together.

The four minifigures are a plus though. The Stormtroopers are a bit more complicated than your average minifig and have a lot of detail.

Overall rating: 3/5
It’s a nice set but in my opinion the Stormtroopers are the real appeal. The shoulder covers, back packs, and printing details are just cool.

Don’t get me wrong, this escape pod is much better than the previous set (#7106). Still, I have the same question now that I did then – what kid wants this set? It’s an iconic scene (“Look sir, droids!”), but I think it’s more iconic for adults. Otherwise, who wants an escape pod?

The bike is neat and swooshable, I’m just not sure how much fun it is. It is a throw back to a Speederbike, just less parts. The pod’s loose top makes it a little less swooshable.

Sam thought it was a neat set, but didn’t really get the relevance and wasn’t a fan of the pod. She liked the minifigs of course and thought the bike was fun.

The price seems high, but I may just be expecting a $20 set to be more “kid interesting”.

Overall, it’s a neat set for a quick co-build project.



  1. Yeah the minifigs are the attraction for us here too. My son can never have too many R2D2 figs, especially since he keeps losing them, and the different stormtroopers are better than the other variations that have like a dab of black somewhere the other ones didn’t. the pod and speeder bike just collect dust

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