Posted by: Draddog | February 16, 2012

Review: Kai’s Blade Cycle (#9441)

Sam is actually a big fan of Ninjago (or as Sam likes to call it “Ninja-Fall Over”) . It might be the ninjas, or the fact that they showed up in LEGO Universe. Or maybe because they have cool dragons. Anyway, we have managed to build a few of the Ninjago sets last year and she became a fan. Traditionally the Ninjago sets have a decent amount of play value.

Kai’s Blade Cycle is one of the new 2012 sets, featuring the new snake storyline. Sam also has a thing for motorcycles, so you would think this would be a hit with her. Read on to find out!

Co-Build Rating: 3/5

The set suffers the curse of most small sets – it just doesn’t need two people to build it. It does have the nice little stand for the snake staff and a couple of minifigs, but Sam was done with those lickety split. The only saving grace for the Blade Cycle is that a few of the later pieces were built as sub-assemblies. This gave her a chance to contribute.

Overall Rating: 3/5

I think we both wanted to like this set more than we did. It is a cool bike, and the big tires make it very stable. However, it has some odd flaws. If you put both katana on Kai’s back, he can’t really stand on the bike very well. You are forced to place them in his hands and now he can’t steer.

Our other complaint was the action feature. Each of these sets is suppose to contain a concealed action feature. In this case, you press down on a brick and the sides kind of spread open. Kind of. It’s very limited and doesn’t really surprise you with anything cool. It just kind of makes the bike wider.

This set features the new 1 stud flat round tiles, which is nice, but they are not really used for anything. It’s like someone at LEGO thought, “well we should include some of these since we went to all the expense of a mold”.

The gold blades are very neat, and there are 6 of them. They give the bike a nice look and feel.  The bike has limited “swooshability”. The wings and blades just keep wanting to pop off. That may make for dynamic play in the long run.

Both minifigs are pretty cool. Kai is looking sharp in his new outfit. We were both impressed by the new shoulder/back piece which holds both katana.

It’s an average set overall, but hard to justify as something to build together. Maybe get this with another small Ninjago set, build separately and play together!



  1. Very cool! My kids, a son age 4 and a daughter age 6, and I work on our Lego sets together too. They also Loooove the Ninjago theme. Cartoon, sets, spinners and all! I had been avoiding picking up this set for the very reasons you mentioned, small, low replay value etc,

    But I think we might get it, since the only other way to get the Rattla minifig is in the Spinner starter set which is $5.00 more! Plus we have about 10 different spinners already!

    Great review!

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