Posted by: Draddog | February 26, 2012

Review: Batwing Battle Over Gotham City (#6863)

Excited by the pictures of the new Marvel Super Heroes LEGO sets shown yesterday, we decided to build one of the DC Super Hero sets last night. The Batwing set looked interesting, though a few others reviews complained about the lack of detail on the bottom of the plane.

Still, it’s the iconic fight of Bat vs Clown, plane vs. helicopter, missile vs. bomb – in LEGO format!  Who would win, and can you build both vehicles at the same time? Read on!

Co-build rating: 3/5

This was a tough set to rate so low. Intuitively it seems like this set would be great at co-building. You have numbered bags which only build one of the vehicles, so it’s easy to have one person build the Batwing while the other builds the helicopter. Even the minifigs are separated by vehicle.

So why only a 3? There is no real building together here. You could just as easily purchased separate sets, open them and build them at the same time. While you are building at the same time, you are not cooperatively building together. And that makes all the difference.

Overall Rating: 3/5

Both vehicles have a lot of play value.

I’m not sure why the back wings on the Batwing move up, but it does look cool. I guess it makes the flick missile’s work. I really like the bat missile, however it is ridiculously hard to open the compartment to push the release button. You are better off just pulling the missile off. Batman looks cool, but he is laying down – there is no way around it. As other reviews have pointed out, the bottom of the Batwing is devoid of any detail, which is kind of sad. It seems like a missed opportunity. It has some nice play value, but it feels like it’s missing something.

Sam built the Joker’s Helicopter, which I think is the more complicated of the two builds.  It boasts 4 flick missiles as well as a launching missile/bomb thing. The bomb is really the best feature of the set – it has a smiling face and everything.  The rope ladder is a really cool technique – I hadn’t seen it before.  The Joker and Henchman are pretty cool as well.  The helicopter is nice as well, just not great.

For $35 it’s not a bad value, it’s just not a wonderful value. If you have a Batman fan in the house, you can’t go wrong with this set. It’s not really a co-build experience though – neither vehicle lends itself to building together.



  1. I don’t think you are supposed to open the compartment to drop the bomb. I think you are supposed to push down on the top of the hatch. You will be able to tell after playing with it enough because we had to just take the bomb off because it was too easy to release the bomb accidentally! The biggest complaint I have with the batting is that the back wings aren’t constructed too well. They seem to fall apart at the slightest touch. The Joker copter is very cool though. I just love the clownface missle!
    great review!

  2. You would think that just pushing down on the hatch would be enough, but the instructions actually show that you should lift the hatch up. I’ve not had any problems with the back wings, but we haven’t swooshed it around much either – so that’s good to know!

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