Posted by: Draddog | February 29, 2012

Review: Mini Modulars (#10230)

The modular building series is one of the family favorites. The six current buildings (with the seventh coming out tomorrow) hold a place of prominence in our house – displayed as a block in the dining room. Being such a huge fan of this series, I was very excited to see the Mini Modulars set. Using 1356 pieces, the LEGO design team managed to capture the essence of five of the buildings.

As far as ratings goes, this set resulted in a couple of interesting numbers – ones I don’t think we’ve used in the past. Co-builders dream or co-builders nightmare? Read on!

Co-Build Rating: 0/5

I know what you are saying – “CP, how can you rate it a 0? There are 5 buildings to build! Shirley, there must be some co-build opportunity here!”

Let me reiterate how we judge a co-build. You should be able to build the model together. If you work in separate sections – when they are brought together you should have one model (such as the Friends sets – I admit we stretch it a bit here). In this case, I treated the Mini Modulars as 5 separate models, they can be combined but don’t have to be. So we have to look at the co-build experience of each building.

Another component of our judging is can we work on a single model together? If the model is big enough where two people can work on it (like the Oliva’s Tree house) it is still possible to co-build.  In the case of the Mini Modulars, they are just to small for two people to work on at the same time.

We also look for lots of repetitive steps where additional help is not only needed but wanted. The Mini Modulars have a few of these, mostly with the awnings and pillars, but not often enough. The opportunity for a second person to be engaged just isn’t there.

Overall Rating: 5/5

I still know what you are saying  – “CP, how can you rate it a 5? You can’t play with it! Shirley, you must be kidding.”

Stop calling me Shirley!

Nope, we aren’t kidding, but you have to realize there is not suppose to be any play value here. These aren’t the big buildings with removable floors and lots of cool features. These are to be built, formed into a block, and admired. And they are cool. They capture all the important details of their big brothers.

The build is also fun – there are some really cool side-building techniques. There are also some really cool bricks in the set including clear 1×1 bricks.

My only regret for this set is that it’s already out of date. We are missing last year’s Pet Shop and the new Town Hall that releases March 1.

It’s a very cool set, and if you have to, you can hand one bag and a set of instructions to another person for them to build. However, you miss on some of the experience yourself – but sharing is like that!



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