Posted by: Draddog | March 5, 2012

Review: Town Hall (#10224)

As I mentioned in the Mini Modulars review, we are a big fan of the Modular building series. Starting with the Cafe Corner, working up through sets like the Market Street and Green Grocer, and now coming to the Town Hall. This is the tallest of the 7 sets and it has a lot of cool bells and whistles.

This isn’t my favorite modular building – I think the Grand Emporium still is my number 1. What did we think of the Town Hall, how was it to co-build, and most importantly, what does the whole series look like together? Read on!

Co-Build Rating: 5/5

Large sets like this really lend themselves to co-building. They are big enough that two sets of hands can get into the model easy enough. There are also a lot of sub-builds that require additional help.

Clearly there are a lot of pieces in this set – 2766 to be exact. This gives builders plenty of chance to hunt for parts while the other builder works on the latest step. Each step also had lots of building going on – I could work on the front while, in the same step, Sam could work on the back.

This set has a metric ton of windows – which are just the tip of the ice berg in sub-builds that have to be put together. The front columns (which have some neat technique to them), as well as a lot of the front of the building, require multiple copies of the same sub-build.

All of this makes for an enjoyable co-build experience.

Overall Rating: 4/5

This is a great set and worth the price tag. It has one massive flaw (which I’ll get to) but first some of the highlights of this set.

The columns, as mentioned above, are really clever and look great on the front of the building. The bottom level is taller than most of the other bottom levels of other modular buildings – possibly to allow for the columned entry way.  The shield (apparently Billund‘s crest) is flanked by two crescent rolls – a familiar theme on this block as the Market Street also has this piece sticking out on a flag poll.

The elevator is a really neat trick. The other buildings have given up a lot of floor space for steps and escalators. In the Town Hall we have an elevator that can be raised and lowered by a lever in the back. While this does result in a building tall one brick slot running up the back of the building, it’s still a cool addition. The elevator can be stopped at each level, which is a neat trick.

One the second level we find the Mayor’s office, including chair with gun armrests, an unfortunate choice. Still, it is a cool chair.  Maybe it’s living with only girls, or wanting my daughters to believe they can do whatever they want, but I delegated the old man to the role of secretary, with the adult woman as the Mayor.The top level uses the nice Pirates of the Caribbean globe and nice long table with a cool big chair at the end.

The roof has a really cool building technique. I’m not talking about the skylights, which are cool. Instead, the front sconces of the roof are pretty darn clever. You are basically slotting a curved 2×1 brick upside down through a modified brick to make a seamless sconce. The clock also has a great detail – the white edging really highlights the clock face quite well.  I wonder why the janitor is confined to the top of the building – maybe he’s cleaning the clock?

So why give this set a 4 out of 5 if it has so many cool techniques? the back third of all the floors is basically wasted, unused space. I get that this is suppose to be a bit of an auditorium with a speaking podium at the bottom. Still, it feels like the designers just ran out of brick (or ideas) and left gaping holes in the floors. They are decorated well, and look reasonable for the space – but it’s a waste. LEGO could have added something else here – maybe a records department or a DMV? Even a little wedding chapel might have been nice. So I have to ding them for not using the space as effective as I would have liked.

Still, it’s a great building!

Here is what the entire series looks like all together:




  1. Wow, those sets all look pretty great together!

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