Posted by: Draddog | March 27, 2012

Review: Rattlecopter (#9443)

Wednesday night is popular at my house. The Ninjago cartoon has been running for about 10 weeks now, and both Sam and I have really been enjoying them. If you haven’t watched it, I recommend it. The plot is well thought out (for a kid’s show) and the animation is consistent. Of course the Ninjago cartoon theme song was also used in one of the last LEGO Universe trailers.

Last week after episode 10, Sam and I decided to put together a Ninjago set – the Rattlecopter. Sam also has a thing for helicopters – so it seemed like a win.

What would a little girl think of a snake themed helicopter, and could this $29.99 be any kind of co-build experience?

Co-Build Rating: 5/5

Surprisingly, this is a fine Parent/Child build.  One person can build the three mini-figs (including the really neat jet pack) and the other can start on the Rattlecopter.  The Rattlecopter does have several sub-builds which can be worked on independently.  It also goes together very quick, thanks to numbered bags.

Overall Rating: 4/5

It’s not a bad set for $30. It has a great snake-y look to it, including a tail that looks ‘curled’. The face is really neat, though the very loose fangs are kind of odd. I like the use of the large sword blades for the helicopter blades.  The snake-drop mechanism is a bit tricky and finicky. The jet pack is super cool though – it’s built out of some really interesting pieces including snow shoes. If you are a fan of the Ninjago line (and LEGO sales numbers say a lot of you are out there), it’s a good set for the price.



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