Posted by: Draddog | April 4, 2012

Review: Ocean Interceptor (#5888)

I  know, right? What kids wouldn’t want a pontoon airplane with a pterodactyl? This is our first in the LEGO Dino series. I picked it up because Sam likes dinosaurs and airplanes. It seemed like a natural fit. And it has a jet ski!

What did Sam really think? Read on!

Well of course Sam loved it – it’s an airplane with a dinosaur! What kid wouldn’t?

Co-Build Rating: 5/5

This is another great set that lends itself to a two person build.  Similar to the Rattlecopter, this build has some nice individual pieces that provide work for both builders. Sam was able to build the mini-figs, pterodactyl and jet ski while I put the body of the plane together. We both took a wing and the set went together in a matter of minutes.

Overall Rating: 3/5

As I mentioned, Sam loves the set. For $35 though, it feels a bit small. This is more along the lines of the Rattlecopter in size, and just feels a little pricy.  The net contraption is neat, but personally I would have rather seen it put into a closed box. Instead you pin it to the bottom of the plane and it can stick out if not crammed in far enough.  I thought the Jet Ski was neat, and the needle guns are really cool.

It’s not a horrible set, but wait until it gets a bit cheaper – at that point it would be a strong buy.



  1. Yeah, we are waiting until the price comes down on this too. Actually, most of the Dino sets seem a little pricey to me.

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