Posted by: Draddog | May 3, 2012

Review: Quinjet Aerial Battle (6869)

In honor of the Avenger’s Movie coming out this weekend, Sam and I thought we should finally post our Avenger set reviews.  Being a fan of planes and helicopters, Iron Man and Thor, plus having the only female Avenger (Black Widow), we decided to start with the Quinjet Aerial Battle.

The Quinjet is the tried and true plane that the Avenger’s have used for years in comics and cartoons. Usually they are VTOLs and while the LEGO model has some wing flexibility, it doesn’t appear to hold this pedigree.

It does have some interesting design choices and building to it.

Co-Build Rating: 5/5

Despite the large single build of the Quinjet body, there are a lot of great pure co-build opportunities here. While I worked on the cockpit and main body, Sam was able to finish up the Skrull attack craft and mini-figs. Once she was done, we were able to build the wings and engines together.Got a kid and an hour to spare? This is a great set to build together.

Overall Rating: 4/5

It’s also a really neat set. There is a great mix of mini-figs. Thor is really neat and I’m tickled to have a mini-figure sized Mjolnir (or MeowMeow as we call it).  The variable geometry of the wings is really neat and adds some playability.  The missile drop feature is kind of weird, but I suspect it might play into the movie. The cockpit is removable as  a sort of escape vehicle.

The one place this set disappoints is the interior of the back end of the Quinjet. It seems like it was meant to hold figures in the front, and some type of vehicle in the back (or maybe the Hulk?). It’s empty though. I tried to fit Captain America’s Avenging Cycle into the back, but it’s too wide.

Still, it’s a great set to build, very iconic for the movie and the comic books, and very fun to play with. Recommended!


After seeing the movie, I thought I’d add a few more comments. The drop missile definitely should have been a cannon instead. The movie had a lot more cannons. As I suspected, the back of the Quinjet is suppose to be a bit of a command center. I guess you can get two mini-figs in there, but it would be a squeeze. The movie Quinjet’s are VTOLs, which is a bit of a miss on the LEGO set. It wouldn’t take much to add something to the underside of the wings to represent this function.


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