Posted by: Draddog | May 12, 2012

Review: R2-D2 (#10225)

I love R2. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because he often felt like the most mulch-dimensional of the Star Wars characters. He had a little bit of attitude, but also that loyalty that comes from someone who helps Obi-Wan fight a years long Clone Wars campaign only to have him totally diss him years later. You know, *that* kind of loyalty. Personally I would have changed to the holographic message from Princess Leia to tell the old man where to get some memory pills.

Anyway, aside from all of that – R2 rocks. As I posted earlier in the year, Sam and I were very excited to see this set coming.  We put it together in one weekend – it is an interesting build!

Co-Build Rating: 3/5

This is a complicated build, which can make it difficult for a young builder to get involved. However, it has a lot of multiple sub-builds, so you don’t have to build alone. if you read ahead enough, you can even have your build buddy working on the next sub-build while you complete the current step. Still, expect to spend some time adding little pieces here and there, which can be difficult with two people.

Overall Rating: 5/5

First let’s address the rumors – yes, R2 has a rainbow inside him. To be honest this is my only complaint on this set. The hidden inner bricks are a hodge pog of colors.

I can only think of a few reasons LEGO would do this. The first would be to show builders that you can use any color brick when it won’t show. However, with a set like this that doesn’t make a lot of sense – most builders who pick up this set would have enough experience to know this. Another reason might be that LEGO has some left over colors and they just need to move the stock.  A third reason (and probably the most likely) is that they wanted to add some additional color to help guide builders. R2’s body is basically a big circle, though the front and back details are different. Placing an orange piece here and a red piece there helps you keep track of where you are putting all the white and blue pieces.

Also, if you’ve built the Imperial Shuttle (10212), you know that a monotony building in white can be. So maybe the rainbow is okay.

The build is a lot of fun. There are great little details, including lightsaber hilts used as details on the legs.  The two side legs work pretty well, though having to pull the feet down to swing them back wasn’t as intuitive as I would have thought.

The mechanism to retract and extend the middle leg is a bit odd, I had to play with it a bit to get a good feel for it. Really what you are doing is locking it in place, either in the body or extended.  While the model doesn’t have wheels in the feet, it would be very easy to modify the model to add them.  I suspect someone will eventually figure out how to add some motors to those wheels, making a remote control version.

The body contains a lot of detail – include two doors that swing out to reveal R2’s “arms”. One arm is his data port, the other a saw.  The arms swing out with the help of knobs in the back of R2, though you have to open the doors first.

R2’s head swivels around completely, and I was able to pose it with little problem. If any set needed to have some lighting added to it, it’s this one. I suspect it would not take a lot to run some LED’s in the head to bring it to life.

Overall build time was around 4 hours, due mostly to the sheer size. This model really brings this classic character to life – Sam and I had a lot of fun building him. Now our Leia has her own R2 to watch over her at night!



  1. Cool review! I have to wait a few more weeks for my kit to arrive in the mail ^.^ but definitely looking forward to it

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