Posted by: Draddog | May 12, 2012

Review: Samurai Mech (#9448)

Sam and I have been looking forward to the Samurai Mech for awhile now. She saw it first in the cartoons, I had seen it in sneak peeks online.

We are huge big robot fans, though I’m pretty sure I had that influence on her. From my love of Transformers to my days as the Brand Manager for MechWarrior, I’ve always had a big thing for giant robots. I even had the unique pleasure of working alongside Mr. BrickCommander himself. We own several of his designs including a few Sam and I built together.

It’s difficult, with that kind of background, to not expect a lot from the LEGO Group and their big robot sets. We’ve seen the Exo-Force and Bionicle lines specifically that tried to deliver the big robot experience.  However, they all lacked a little something. Usually it was back details – LEGO just never seemed to think they need to put anything on the backs of their robots.

Read on to see how this oriental robot compares!

Co-Build Rating: 5/5

If you have built any official LEGO robots, you’ll be use to building the limbs separate from the torso. Combine this with numbered bags with a two part instruction book make for a great co-build experience.  I was able to hand a bag of parts and the second part of the instructions over, while building the torso and head. There are some slightly advanced building techniques involved here but any builder who has put together any of the other Ninjago sets should be good to go.  This is a great set to build with someone over an hour or two.

Overall Rating: 4/5

Okay, the bad – LEGO did it again and forgot the set has a back. I was able to take some of the extra pieces and cover over some of the lack of detail on the back, but it’s still par for the course.

Saying that, it’s truly an amazing build and has lots of play value. The oriental theme really comes across. Cheesewedge pieces are used to great effect to give that layered look. The “cow catchers” for the shoulders is a really cool detail. You can’t miss the helmet either – it has this great oriental feel to it.

Even better than the look is how much you can position and move the robot around. The pose on the cover is for real – you can put the Mech in any type of fighting stance. The sword is well pinned in the hand unlike past robots which held their weapons loosely in a hand.

The snake mini-figs are pretty cool, though the catapult addon is only so-so. We’ve seen this in other sets – it adds a little bit of play value but it seems unnecessary.

Still for the $39.99 price point, it’s a great Ninjago set and a ton of fun.



  1. Ultra Cool! Good Review!

  2. […] we did the Ninjago Samurai Mech last, we figured we should build the snake’s Fangpyre Mech for the Samurai to fight! This set […]

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