Posted by: Draddog | May 17, 2012

Review: Fangpyre Mech (#9455)

Since we did the Ninjago Samurai Mech last, we figured we should build the snake’s Fangpyre Mech for the Samurai to fight! This set actually showed up in the LEGO Ninjago cartoon when the Serpentine bite stuff in a junk yard. The bite morphs the junk into snake-like vehicles, including this two legged Mech.

The $25 price point puts this set in a category where parents may consider it as a weekend treat. At 255 pieces, it comes in at around 9 cents a piece which is a decent value over all.

Co-Build Rating: 5/5

This is a great small set to build with a buddy. The pay off comes in the modularity. The set breaks down into 2 arms, 2 legs, an upper body, a lower body, the head and tail.  Don’t forget the mini-figs as well! There is plenty of individual smaller pieces to put together to make the larger set.

Neither of us had any challenges with this build. If your younger builder has put together any of the old Bionicle or the newer Hero Factory sets, they should not find this set a challenge.

Overall Rating: 3/5

The problem with a five point rating system is that a 3 sounds bad. In this case it isn’t. This is a good solid set for the price. As with other Ninjago Snake sets, the use of the small red balls and green mudguard 1 1/2 x 6 x 1 with arches frame the face of the snake and give it a sinister appearance.   The long tail is just ready to whip around and smack a ninja!

The cockpit is a little lacking in detail, though I guess it’s what you get when your humanoid snake creature bites junk and turns it into a Mech. Saying that, I don’t think the roll cage is going to be saving anyone if it rolls over.

The feet need something extra – they seem a bit unfinished. However, they are stable and the Mech stands on it’s own fine.  The legs allow for some good positioning, though they lack a bit of detail as well.

The arms are not symmetrical, though they appear so at first. The right arm has a flick missile on top, while the left one simply has a pair of dark bluish gray slopes and a purple lightsaber blade.  The “hands” do grasp, they hold a struggling mini-figure with no problem.

The mini-figures are cool. Cole (the strong Ninja) comes with a new Scythe of Quakes that is pretty darn cool.  Fang-Suei comes with…a banana.  Yeah, no idea. The general guess seems to be that LEGO originally was going to include a staff or a fang blade, but pulled it last minute to not spoil the cartoon.  We think snakes just like bananas.

If you see it on sale, I recommend getting it – it’s a good set and is a lot of fun!


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