Posted by: Draddog | May 28, 2012

Review: Obi-Wan’s Jedi Starfighter (#10215)

Sam and I were interested in building something over the long holiday weekend. We ended up doing two builds – a Lord of the Rings set and this Jedi Starfighter. We picked this set as it had shown up in a Star Wars: Clone Wars episode we watched recently.  I am also a huge fan of the Ultimate Collector Series LEGO sets, especially the Star Wars ones.

The Ultimate Collector Series sets are traditionally known for their high part count and amazing detail. However, Obi-Wan‘s Jedi Starfighter comes in at only 676 parts and clocked in at a $100 price tag. That’s just under 15 cents per part, which seems to be a bit of a premium. Though the set was issued in 2010, it’s still possible to find them. If you manage to find one, read on to get our opinion’s on this set.

Co-build Rating: 3/5

The main body has some sub-builds which can be passed on to someone else. If you have a young builder, there are some great techniques that can be learned including locking and side-ways building. However, it tends to be a solitary build due to how the body is built.

The wings, on the other hand, almost beg to be co-build. They are symmetrical (mostly) with a lot of steps – it’s handy to be able to split the work load.

Overall Rating: 2/5

It’s tough to rate this set so low – we wanted to like it a lot. However, as a UCS set, it should have a lot more going on. What you see is pretty much what you get and while there are a few nice details,  the set also has a few fatal flaws.

As with the UCS X-Wing and the Tie Fighter sets, the Jedi Starfighter has a detailed cockpit which could probably fit a small action figure. Unfortunately the cockpit is covered in a clear windscreen that is, for all intents, locked into place with the bricks behind it. Other sets hinged the cockpit cover, allowing it to be opened.

The bottom of the Starfighter has this weird conflict of great details on the engine, but lack of details everywhere else. There are a pair of cannons, but the bottom of the wings need some fleshing out. There is a large empty space running down the center of the bottom. It’s hard to tell if this is intentional or a design flaw. Either way it looks weird.

On the top of the wings we see a bit more detail, including the head of a Astromech droid. Given how big the head is, however, there is no way they could include the full droid – it’s feet would dangle out the bottom. Again, it’s just another weird detail in this set.

Finally the base is a real point of frustration. While the ship can be turned on one axis, it can’t be angled at all. This means that if you are displaying this somewhere high up (like on top of a book shelf), all you see is the bottom. And again, the bottom is missing a ton of detail.

This set went on sale a few times last year – I think most educated buyers new it was just not that great of a deal. I’d agree with that assessment – at $50 it’s probably worth a look, but not at $100.



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