Posted by: Draddog | June 17, 2012

Review: Tower Bridge (#10214)

So the conversation went a little like this:

Me: You know that big empty shelf we have in the bed room, the one next to the Death Star? How about Sam and I build the Super Star Destroyer to put up there?

Wife: How about building the Tower Bridge instead?


Not that I didn’t want to build the Tower Bridge, but there was a theme going here!  Anyway, once complete, it actually displays very well alongside the LEGO Architecture sets. Considering that it’s a micro-scale version of a classic piece of architecture, it could even sell under that label.

Co-Build Rating: 5/5

We almost gave this set a co-build rating of “required”.  Most of this set is a 2x build – the towers, walkways, sections of the bridge – all are duplicates of each other. This is not a small build. The towers are 17 inches tall and chock full of repeat build pieces.  By the end Sam was good and tired of “cheese wedging” – which is her term for putting the tan cheese wedge pieces on the plates. This step is repeated a lot and the extra hands make short work of it.

There are over 4200 pieces in this set. So many that we even drafted the wife into helping a few times – she was able to look ahead and pull out the pieces we would need next. This method is handy if you have the spare bodies, as someone is always digging through the pieces.

Building this set together set is a very fun experience. The size and repeat steps definitely make it something you will want to do as a team.

Overall Rating: 5/5

This really is a great set, despite all the brown that is in it.  It’s hard to criticize the color pallet though as the set is based on real bridge.  However, there are some clever building techniques.  For example, there is very clever use of the Technic wheels with grooves which are used to form the corners.  One thing you will notice when building the set is that there are big holes left in the walls. It seems odd, however they are eventually covered up.  I guess LEGO did it to cut some corners and save some money, but it seems like an odd choice.  The micro cars are really clever. The double-decker bus really inspires for a purple three story Knight Bus.

This set is not cheap at $240, but it certainly is impressive and displays well. If you are a fan of the land mark, simply need a good center piece, or want a great co-build, this is the set to get.

Now I have to go back and figure out where I can put the Super Star Destroyer…




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