Posted by: Draddog | July 11, 2012

Review: Fury Class Interceptor (#9500)

The Fury Class Interceptor is a Star Wars vehicle found in the Star Wars: The Old Republic Massively Multiplayer Online game. I play SWTOR quite regularly and  rolled a Sith Warrior just so I could fly one of these. They are just too cool.

The middle cockpit is obviously a harbinger of the Tie Fighters that come much later. In game these ships are large – more like the Millennium Falcon.  The official LEGO models has been coming for months now – as soon as it released I had to pick it up.

Co-Build Rating: 3/5

As you might expect in a ship-build, the symmetrical wings are the co-build opportunity. The wings make up a large part of the ship – it is actually better to share the work. Some skill is needed, however. The inner wing structure is very complicated using technic pieces to support the wings.  Sam initially struggled but with a bit of focus she was able to put it all together.

The body itself is  a solitary build – it has a lot of details but it’s compact.  A second builder could piece together the trooper’s sled which fits in the back.

Overall Rating: 4/5

It’s a great set. It’s fairly screen accurate – at least as close as we are likely to get from LEGO. The wings should be a solid piece, but that might be hard to pull off in a set this size.

The “play features” are nice. The front cockpit pops right open and Darth Malgus sits in just fine (just slide his cape behind the seat). The back storage area is pretty neat. I can’t really see putting both troopers inside – it’s a tight fit.  The flick fire missiles on the side represent the missile turrets found in game.

The back wings pop open, which requires some clever use of Technic Balls. However, the front wings are kind of disappointing. LEGO uses the Axle Connector, Double Flexible to pull the two wings together. It feels like a short cut. It’s functional, just not as robust as one may hope for.

The entire ship is very swooshable – however anything loose in the rear compartment will fall right out.

The biggest draw back for this set is the price. This is not recognizable set – kids are not going to recognize it. That can make the $90 price tag hard to swallow. It’s hard to tell if anyone but a dedicated Star Wars fan would be willing to shell out the price. If you liked the Tie Defender set, you will like the Fury Class Interceptor.

It is a lot of fun to build and a great set though – if it goes on sale I’d recommend picking it up. Star Wars: The Old Republic has several great ships and it would be great to see official sets of those one day.



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