Posted by: Draddog | August 12, 2012

News: 8909 Team GB Minifigure Accuracy

With the Olympics ending tonight, we can take a look at the Team GB minifigures and decide just how accurate they are – from a medal stand point.  This all depends on if you believe the minifigures have gold medals, or just a medal.  Here is how it looks:

Gold Medal
Brawny Boxer Yes Yes
The Stealth Swimmer No Yes
Relay Runner No No
Judo Fighter No Yes
Tactical Tennis Player Yes Yes
Flexible Gymnast No Yes
Wondrous Weightlifter No No
Horseback rider Yes Yes
Agile Archer No No

If we look just at Gold medals, 5 of the 8 minifigs should not have their medals. However, if we extend it to Silver and Bronze, only 3 are wrong.  In general not bad for an assortment of minifigs!  If the Relay Runner was just a runner, there would be another Gold medal there.

We really enjoyed the Olympics and hope you did!


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