Posted by: Draddog | October 5, 2012

BrickCon 2012 – Day 2 Wrap Up

Day 2 is in the bag, and boy are our feet tired!  We saw some amazing MOCs today, including the finished 14 foot LEGO Space Needle. Simply incredible. That was just the start of the day!

Current contender for best in show is Alice’s Hogwarts castle. This castle takes up 4 or 5 long tables by itself and features every recognizable scene from the Harry Potter boxes.  The tests in the Sorcerer’s Stone? All there. Lupin and Harry talking on the bridge? That’s there to. Dumbledoor’s observatory when Draco blasts him is there too.  She worked in “paintings” that are brick built of mini-figures.  It’s simply incredible.

There are lots of great other MOCs obviously.  You can find pictures of a lot of the builds in our Flickr account.

During the opening ceremonies, LEGO announced the 10937 Batman™ Arkham Asylum Breakout set which releases in January. It’s fairly incredible to see up front. You can at least hear the Designer Video in my shaky-cam recording from the open ceremonies.

After that, me and my three girls attended a discussion about the role of girls in LEGO and how to get more girls to play with LEGO. This, of course, also included a discussion about the LEGO Friends line. It was interesting to hear how many woman got into LEGO due to a husband or brother, but continue with it.

From there I competed in a Speed Build competition, with my girls rooting me on. While I wasn’t first (or even in the top 10) I think I got brownie points for blasting Rush’s “Tom Sawyer” from my iPhone while playing.

I also judged the Master Build competition. This is an event where competitors are given the same set (or in this case 2 sets) and asked to build an unrelated theme from the parts. I have to admit there were some very clever ideas and some great visual stories.

From there it was to the Keynote to hear two great speakers talk about LEGO Friends (again) and what it means to be an AFOL.

It’s been a super long day, and I know the girls are glad to be asleep.

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