Posted by: Draddog | October 6, 2012

BrickCon 2012 – Day 3 Wrap Up

Today we managed to attend a LEGO CUUSOO panel, talk about mini-fig customization, and even participate in a couple of events include a Team Relay build!  Capping it off, we attended the award ceremony to see who won what!

We have built most of the LEGO CUUSOO sets (with the exception of the rare, Japanese only Shinkai 6500 Submarine) so it was very interesting to hear how CUUSOO has grown. The one thing that jumped out at me was how quickly the Minecraft project hit 10,000 submissions and started it’s way on becoming a set.  Both LEGO CUUSOO and Minecraft were very top of my mind when I worked on LEGO Universe.

Speaking of LU, it seemed like there were subtle hints left and right – and the first was not so subtle. The LU digital design team built a race track for my Communities Team to take to various events – something which added a game to our booth. When the LU studio was closed down, I asked if I could take the track, and it came home with me.  I had let the BrickCon team know I had it, and we found a way to include it in the Brick Built Derby this afternoon. It was great to see the track in use, hear people mention how much fun they had in LEGO Universe, and marvel at the craftsmen of Duane and Joel.  Sam also raced a car, but the heavier ones did better than her light but speedy Seaweed Fly.

The Mini-fig customization panel was interesting. My wife use to paint prototypes for some collectible miniature games, and she was very interested to see that the same techniques apply. Maybe I can get her to paint Sam and I some Tron mini-figs.

We participated in two competitions today. The first was a team relay build. The set was the Tripod Invader, which you would not think as a set that needed a team to build.  Unlike this blog, where we build together, in the Relay Team Build you build one at time and tag off on certain page numbers.  My team consisted of my wife and two of our friends. While I thought we had a winning strategy, we just were not as fast as some of the others.

The other event I participated in was Build in a Bag.  Some LEGO sets come in one bag, and someone came up with the idea of building the set without opening the bag. The contest has now evolved so that you dump all the parts into a Ziploc bag and build.  In this contest we had to build the LEGO board game Magma Monster.  I thought i was doing pretty well for awhile, until I had to get the little horns into the Magma Monster’s hands and back. At that point it was all over.  People did manage to build the sets though.

We spent time in the exhibit hall, now open to the public, admiring everyone’s completed work.  To cap off the day we took in the Award’s Ceremony and got to see who won what. There were many impressive builds and I can’t imagine how hard it was for the judges.

Tomorrow is a fairly light day, which should include Best in Show and People’s Choice.

Remember to check out the Flickr feed for all my pictures.



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