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Review: Swarm Interceptor (#70701)

Galaxy Squad is the latest addition to the LEGO Space line.  The theme of humans versus alien space bugs is similar to the 1998-1998 Insectoid’s line.  The Swam Interceptor is the $20 small set coming with two minifigs, an alien flyer and the Swarm Interceptor and lot’s of playability.


Co-Build Rating: 4/5

This set comes in two numbered bags: the first builds the minifigures, the alien flyer and the cockpit of the Swarm Interceptor.  The second bag builds the rest of the Swarm Interceptor. It can be built by two people (one taking each bag) and goes together quickly. Not a true “co-build” experience as we have defined it, but good enough for two people to build together.

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

The Swarm Interceptor is piloted by Solomon Blaze. As with most recent minifigures, his face is double sided. One side has a determined look, while the other covers the mouth with a breathing unit.  The torso is printed front and back with a cool battle vest. The color palette of the minifigure is similar to the Alien Conquest sets of last year, but with more gray.

On the alien side we have a mosquitoid, which comes with a new head. Meant to resemble a mosquito, the head has two small antenna that plug into holes in the head (I expect these will go missing for a lot of people).

Also new in this set is the minifigure’s wings. Presented in a transparent green, they are molded to appear very organic and mimic bug wings. It’s ray gun is capped off with a clear pink 1×1 round plate. This piece is common among many of the alien craft and weaponry.

The alien flyer makes interesting use of two black light sabers as guns. A jackhammer piece functions as a control stick. One of the cooler pieces is the 4×4 wedge plate in transparent green. It gives the small ship an organic feel.  Otherwise this is your standard “small ship” fair that often accompanies a set of this side or could be found in a polybag.  It gives Soloman something to attack, but it doesn’t seem like much of a challenge.

Screen Shot 2012-12-02 at 3.46.54 PMThe Swarm Interceptor itself is a nice build. There are no real surprises in the cockpit, and it’s a quick and sturdy build.  A small pair of wings on the sides pivot out, converting the cockpit into a “speedy flyer”.  It’s very swoopable and there is some play value here. Two front mounted guns are detachable and can be used as hand guns, another carry over from the Alien Conquest line.

The turret section has some interesting pieces. Available in a pair of this year’s City sets, the turret includes the new “H. Plate Bot. 2X4 W. Ø4.85 H.” and “Hinge Pl.Top 2X4 W.Ø4.85Hole” pieces.  If you don’t know what these are, imaging 2×4 plates with a hinge on one end.  Basically they make for larger, sturdier hinges. In the Interceptor, they are used to open up a back panel that contains a pair of flick fire missiles.  Solomon can stand on the back of the turret and “fire” the missiles at incoming alien bugs.

70701_alt2The turret connects to the cockpit with a single technic axle which is pinned through three 1×2 bricks with holes in the middle. This allows the cockpit to spin freely when connected to the back of the ship (as shown in the picture to the right).

Personally, I didn’t like this feature. It’s neat to play with, but it makes the model feel unstable. It’s easy to fix though – get a 1×2 brick with a cross hole and replace the middle 1×2 brick in the turret.  This locks the pin into place and stops the cockpit from randomly spinning.

Overall this is a nice set. It has some nice elements reminiscent of the Insectoid’s line while managing to stand on it’s own.  Some of the new elements will also be attractive to more advanced builders. The very loose swivel mechanic is the only real downside to this set.

Given the relatively low price point of $19.99 (US), this is a good set to see if Galaxy Squad is for you.



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