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Review: Vermin Vaporizer (#70704)


The Galaxy Squad Vermin Vaporizer is one of the larger sets in theme. Coming in at $59.99 US, the set continues on the split function of this theme, breaking into a “battle buggy” (to quote Shop at Home), a mech and a laboratory. Also included is an Alien scorpion and three minifigures.

Co-Build Rating: 4/5

This set is made up of many separate models, lending itself well to co-building. Sam built the alien Scorpion and the mech, while I did the Vermin Vaporizer.  You are building side by side (which is good), but you are not working on the same model together.

Overall Rating: 4/5

You first build the buggy, which does not have a lot going on. It goes together pretty easily. While part of the split function play feature of this theme, you wouldn’t want to get caught out in the open in this. I like the use of  the modified bricks that make the front and back of the buggy.

Next is70704_alt3 the Alien scorpion walker, which is decent, if a bit small. It has the pink highlights that appear on other alien craft. It’s distinct tail includes a golden lightsaber at the end, which is neat if you need gold lightsabers.

One of the big surprises was seeing LEGO put the Plate, Modified 1 x 2 with Handle on End – Closed Ends pieces jutting out from the corners. Sure they are sandwiched in, but it was interesting to see this technique.

The lab itself is very impressive.  It not only looks solid, it builds solid.  The finished model rolled off my desk and fell three feet. A top gun popped off but that was really all the damage. It recalls vehicles from Aliens and Starship Troopers – movies where we had to have lots of armor and big guns.  The front opens up into a ramp, allowing the buggy to roll in and act as the command center.

70704_alt2The mech has a lot going on, including pose-able toes (of all things).  It is a bit squat, but that allows it to fit in the back of the lab.  Instead of arms, the mech is packing a couple of big cannons.  Anyone who has taken the time to do the Robots Master Builder Academy will recognize the design elements. Ball joints and clickable turn table are standard fair at this point. When the lab is ready to roll, the mech takes a seat (literally) and spins around the waist to provide cover fire.

The designers made use of a lot of stickers (not numbered like the ones in the Swarm Interceptor), but they really add to the look and feel of the lab.  The bug splatters on the cockpit are a nice touch.

While there are no amazing building techniques, this set is still a lot of fun to build.  When all three pieces are combined, the set looks very impressive. There is a lot of playability here as well.

When done you have a solid battlewagon which is ready to roll over the scorpion. The Vermin Vaporizer looks very impressive sitting next to the rest of the line or as part of a larger Space display.

There are three minifigs in this set, including Chuck Stonebreaker and his robot sidekick on the heroes side, and an alien buggiod for the bad guy.  The good guys are white and green, matching the overall color theme of the set.

Chuck’s head is double sided, giving a smile or a breathing mask. He has printing on both the front and back of his chest and on the tops of his legs. He’s fairly generic when compared to the other human’s in this line.

His robot sidekick is also in green, and comes with a cool shoulder piece that is showing up in the Series 9 Collectible Minifigure line.  The robot head is also fairly new and has some printing on it to bring out the highlights.  The same mold is used for the robot in the Space Swarmer set.

The robot’s weapons are very interesting: a oval shield (as found with Gungans) and an energy blade gun that uses what I believe is a new clear blue blade piece.

70704_alt4The alien looks like some type of hybrid bug-alien creature. His head is also printed, as well as the torso (front and back) and legs.  Nondescript, but buggy enough to work with the theme.

The set comes with one of the big purple cocoons which the aliens use to capture their foes.  This technique seems to be done to death by now. We’ve seen it in most LEGO Space sets since the Mars Mission stuff in 2007.

Otherwise there are some nice big pieces and several side connecting bricks and plates. These are always useful when building and come in a neutral gray.

This set get’s a buy recommendation. It’s a lot of fun to build, and has some great play features built right in.



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