Clutch Power is an idea I had while working as a LEGO Employee (I was the Community Manager for LEGO Universe). I no longer hold that position, so I thought I would finally give it a whirl. My daughter and I will be bringing you reviews of LEGO sets.

I know, lots of sites review LEGO sets. The thing that makes these review different is that I’m going to be focusing on how well the sets can be built together – usually a parent and a child working together.

My 6-year old daughter and I build together quite a bit. So we’ll be reviewing sets and giving them two separate ratings. The first will be how well can the set be built as a parent/child affair. Secondly a rating on what we both thought of the set.

So what constitutes a five-star rating in the team category? There are several things we will take into consideration. Lots of mini-figures is important for the offspring – she really likes the mini-figures (most little ones can build mini-figures). Also, repetitive tasks are great – little hands are great for doing lots of steps over and over. There is a matter of complexity – my daughter can manage fairly complex builds, but not all kids have been exposed to LEGO sets like she has – so that is another consideration.

We hope you find this blog and it’s (in)frequent updates useful!

I am now a Community Manager at Amazon.com, however this blog is done in my personal time and doesn’t reflect any opinions or endorsement from Amazon.


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